Join Us at our Open Week!
Are you looking for a nurturing and supportive environment for your little one? At House on the Hill, we are big believers in the unique potential of each child. Staying true to the values and educational excellence of the Montessori Method, we work with parents to customise learning journey for each of our students.

Join Us at our Open House!

Are you looking for a nurturing and supportive environment for your little one? At House on the Hill, we are big believers in the unique potential of each child. Staying true to the values and educational excellence of the Montessori Method, we work with parents to customise learning journey for each of our students. 

Want to find out more about House on the Hill? We’re throwing our (virtual) doors open for a week in October! Join us for virtual school tours and lunchtime chat sessions, led by the people who are best placed to talk and advise on the early education experience for your child – our parents and educators.  

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Open Week Highlights
Daily Virtual School Tours

12 to 16 October 9:30am
School Presentation by Ms Marilyn

Guided virtual tour of school of choice (Groups will be split on Zoom)

What does it mean when we say that we’re a true Montessori school? Find out for yourself in our school tour. We’ll bring you into a Live-in-action Montessori classroom for you to experience what learning in a Montessori environment is like for our students. We’ll also field any question you might have about the House on the Hill experience.  

Spaces are limited so please book your space to avoid disappointment.

14 & 16 October 9:30am
*Only at Balmoral*
Tour Our NIDO: Montessori for Infants

We designed our Nido (Italian for nest’) Montessori for Infants space for our smallest members. Infants aged 2 to 17 months are developing at a rapid rate and it’s vitally important to support and nurture their growth. 

This tour will introduce you to our trained educators and give you a glimpse at our infants in their peaceful, supportive and safe nest.  

Mount Sophia

33 Mount Sophia Singapore 228481.

Pasir Panjang

396 Pasir Panjang Road Singapore 118733

Balmoral Cres

2H Balmoral Crescent Singapore 259887

Nido at Balmoral

Only on 14 & 16 Oct

Lunch Time Chats
Lunch Time Chats

Monday, 12 October 1pm
HotH Lunch Time Chat: The Montessori Approach to Separation Anxiety

I’m the best person to do everything for my childI’m worried about leaving my child in pre-schoolMy child cries at drop-off every day, what do I do? If my child starts to cry when going to school, does it mean he is not ready for school? 
Join Founding Principal and Principal of our Mount Sophia campus Ms. Marilyn as she chats to HotH parent Paola Barcacel about learning to let go and the Montessori Approach to Separation Anxiety.  

Thursday, 15 October 1pm
HotH Lunch Time Chat: Mandarin at House on the Hill

What is the Mandarin programme like at House on the Hill? How does it differ from other Mandarin programmes How does the Mandarin programme prepare my child for primary school?
Join HotH Pasir Panjang Principal Ms. Sunshine Goh as she chats to Head of Mandarin Jia Lao Shi about the Mandarin Programme at House on the Hill. Find out more about how the language is taught and how it prepares children for Primary School with a strong foundation in the language. Please note that this chat will be conducted in English and Mandarin

All sessions will be hosted online via Zoom. Please note that the sessions may be recorded for marketing purposes.  

Speaker Information

Ms. Marilyn Ow

Founding Principal and Principal of our Mount Sophia campus, Ms. Marilyn Ow has over 20 years’ experience in pre-school educationShe was instrumental in transforming the House on the Hill dream into a reality, with a shared vision of raising the standards in early childhood education. Ms. Marilyn is a passionate advocate for the excellence of the Montessori Method and is the go-to for all questions on the pedagogy 

Ms. Sunshine Goh 

Ms. Sunshine is Principal of our Pasir Panjang campus and a Mom to 2 boys. Being an early childhood educator has been her lifelong passion. With close to 10 years’ experience in pre-school education, Ms. Sunshine lives up to her name and can often been seen around with a bright smile on her face!  

Ms. Jia Shi Yu

Jia Lao Shi is the head of Mandarin of House on the HillWith more than 10 years of teaching Mandarin in Singapore, Lao Shi has a degree in Early Childhood Education from China, where she is originally from. Lao Shi is very passionate about teaching Mandarin in many varied ways, bringing the language to life in a fun and interactive manner for young childrenShe is an expert in using Chinese culture to help children to gain a strong foundation in Mandarin.  


Ms. Paola Barcacel 

Ms. Paola is Mom to current HotH student Max and HotH graduate Oliver! She is also host of the Positive Plugin podcast. She’ll be hosting our Lunch Time Chats, bringing her experience as a mom of two and House on the Hill parent to the table. House on the Hill is very proud of our highly engaged parent community and grateful to Paola for sharing her time to host these sessions.  

Daily Virtual School Tours!

14 to 18 September
10am Daily

School Locations:

Mount Sophia Centre

33 Mount Sophia
Singapore 228481

Balmoral Centre

2H Balmoral Crescent
Singapore 259887

Nido at Balmoral Centre

*Only on 16 Sept 10am*

Pasir Panjang Centre

396 Pasir Panjang Road
#02-01, Singapore 118733

Hallmarks of an Education at House on the Hill: 
      • Leaders in Pre-School Montessori Education 
      • Family-Run  
      • Purposefully Designed Environment  
      • Individually Tailored Curriculum  
      • Lifelong Love Of Learning 
      • Fosters Independence  
  • Leaders in Pre-School Montessori Education
  • Family-Run  
  • Purposefully Designed Environment  
  • Individually Tailored Curriculum
  • Lifelong Love Of Learning 
  • Fosters Independence  
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