Montessori at Home: National Day Red and White Sandwich

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Singapore’s National Day is around the corner! It marks the day when Singapore gained her independence and celebrates the nation’s perseverance in achieving success throughout the  years. 

Thinking of what to do with your child to celebrate National Day? A fun, engaging and delicious hands-on activity would be to make a National Day sandwich together! Simple cookery is one of our favourite ways to introduce topics to the children. It is a great way to talk and discuss just about everything.   

To start, discuss with your child about the ingredients they want to have in their sandwich (with the younger ones drawing the items, whilst older ones can write it out). Then, plan a trip to the supermarket together! Through this exercise, children undergo various learning opportunities. For example, naming the ingredients, understanding of food/nutrition labels, concept of money and so on. 

You can recreate this activity with just about any theme! We recommend picking one, and then planning out what sorts of discussions you would like to have around it. For example, with National Day, you could have a discussion about the colours of the Singapore flag. Thereafter, brainstorm, discuss and list out the ingredients that could symbolize the colours of the national flag!  

Remember that your role throughout the activity is a facilitator, parents should only assist when necessary! Begin by setting up the environment and materials for sandwich-making. Focus on just one step at a time. If your child needs guidance, begin by modelling the action slowly and quietly while getting them to observe your demonstration. Next, step back and allow them to do it independently. When adults step back, you trust in the child’s ability. This allows your child to learn and master new skills. 

Enjoy both the process and having the homemade sandwich together! Don’t forget to make one or have one made for yourselves! 

National Day Sandwich

Ingredients Needed

    • Wholegrain Bread 
    • Tomatoes 
    • Sliced / Shredded / Swiss Cheese 
    • Butter

Equipment Needed

    • Knife 
    • Spoon 
    • Cutting Board 
    • Cup or Wine Glass (optional) 
    • Frying Pan 
    • Bread Toaster 


Step 1.  Press the wine glass onto the bread to cut out a circular shape.  

Step 2. The same goes for another slice of bread.

Step 3. Remember to remove the packaging of the cheese! 

Step 4. Press the wine glass onto the cheese to cut out a circular shape. 

Step 5. Start to stack the ingredients onto the bread! You could place sliced cheese onto the bread first… 

Step 6. …the Swiss cheese (the holes could represent the stars on the Singapore’s flag) … 

Step 7. then, the tomatoes!

Step 8. Place another slice of circular-shaped bread on top and spread butter onto it.

Step 9. Pan fry the sandwich!

Step 10. (optional) Alternatively, you could toast the remaining bread… 

Step 11. (optional) Place the toasted bread into a Ziplock bag, then make them into breadcrumbs! 

Step 12. (optional) Sprinkle the breadcrumbs on top to make your sandwich taste crispy! 

Step 13. Finally, enjoy your handmade National Day Sandwich! 

Have fun with sandwich-making at home! Happy National Day! 

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