NIDO - Montessori for Infants
Did you know? From birth to age 3, your child’s brain is developing more rapidly than at any other time. In fact, more learning is taking place now than at any other stage of development.

NIDO - Montessori for Infants

Nido means nest in Italian, the perfect nurturing environment for infants ages 2 – 17 months

This is why we created our Nido, or ‘nest’ in Italian, and it is the perfect nurturing environment for infants aged 2-17 months old. In these formative years, their mind is like a sponge, soaking up huge amounts of information from their environment. This is when children develop their sense of self and their sense of their place in the world.  

It is very important to support them in this stage of growth. During this phase, your child is absorbing huge amounts of information from the environment This is why, daily in the Nido, our trained teachers focus on creating a peaceful, supportive and safe environment 

Montessori for Infants is about:

  • Talking and responding to our babies 
  • Setting up a safe and stimulating environment for them 
  • Nurturing their natural curiosity and drive for independent exploration
  • Providing consistent and expert care for every step of their development
  • Starting good nutrition and eating habits early 

Much like Montessori for older children, our teachers observe their charges daily and tailor an individual learning experience for each infant. At this stage, learning objectives include developing skills in language, concentration, problem solving, visual discrimination and physical coordination. We are building a foundation for learning when they are older – the better the foundation, the better it will be for the child as they progress

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