Montessori At Home Booklets

Easy Ways to Introduce Montessori to your Child!


    • Tips on how to get the most out of these booklets 
    • How to create the ideal learning environment at home 
    • Guidelines for each age group  
    • Easy to do Montessori at Home activities for you to learn and bond with your child over  
    • Montessori Tips for each activity  

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Raising an Independent Toddler - the Montessori Way

Join us in this highly interactive session with tips on how to raise your toddler in the Montessori way at home. Together with our Principals, we promise a lively sharing of common issues you face at home, in order to help you develop children who are confident and full of joy.

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Want More Montessori Tips?

We love sharing tips with our parents about how to bring Montessori into their homes.
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Montessori teaches grace and courtesy as part of the Practical Life curriculum, and there are many lessons that children can learn and practice at home, too! So how can you practice table manners in preparation of those holiday get togethers?

Step into the kitchen with your children and test out this friendly-for-all ages and delicious 2 ingredient “cookie”!

They’re dairy free, gluten free and vegetarian.

Every aspect of our daily routines must at some point be learned: putting on shoes, politely answering the phone, pouring a cup of water. While writing a letter might not be a daily activity, it is still a life skill and an engaging activity for all children!

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