10 Reasons Why You Should Enroll Your Child in House on the Hill

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Early childhood education is a very important part of a child’s development. Here at House on the Hill, we seek to help each child reach their fullest potential by making learning practical, memorable and fun. Here are 10 reasons why we think you should enrol your child with us!

1. We value childhood and provide a holistic way for children to discover themselves.

2. With a strong Montessori learning foundation, the children gain life-skills for their creativity and independence in an intrinsically motivated way with a love for learning.

3. With a small teacher-student ratio and a vertical age grouping classroom, children develop confidence and leadership qualities that will help them to adapt and understand from other’s perspective.

4. We are warm, dedicated, and personable in our interaction with children and their families.

5. We value our team. We provide and encourage them with professional training, career coaching and personal development opportunities.

6. We provide top-quality learning materials that are authentic and natural for the children’s hands-on learning.

7. We care about the children’s nutrition and we ensure that the foods we provide are healthy and beneficial for the children’s growing minds and bodies. By selecting an internationally renowned nutrition expert, Ian Marber, to guide our nutrition policy, we have created very well-balanced diets that allow the children to concentrate better and engage more effectively in their learning process.

8. We believe in strong communication and sharing about learning subjects in school, so that parents can help their child in continuing learning at home.

9. We value inputs and assistance from parent volunteers and our parent support group. By providing us with constructive insights from parents’ perspectives, it helps us to improve and better our practices and operations in school.

10. We organise parenting workshops so that we can share perceptions on common behavioural issues for strong partnership so that there will be consistent values and strategies that we can use both at home and in school.

We welcome you on our personalised school visit tours to learn more about us and why the House on the Hill experience makes us different from the other pre-schools.

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